Today we create awareness about World Reef Awareness Day helps to create awareness among various business communities and the public about the fragile biological system of our oceans’ coral reefs. This day unites people belonging to different backgrounds including environmentalists and social activists to come up with various ideas and techniques to protect the ecosystems of our reefs from deteriorating.

And if you like a cool glass of milk, hot butter being spread seamlessly across toast, or a heaping bowl of ice cream, World Milk Day celebrates it all! The day was organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to celebrate the dairy industry and recognize milk as a globally important food. World Milk Day seeks to start a conversation on how nutritious, affordable, and accessible milk is around the globe — not to mention delicious!

And to end this, today is World Olive Day. The olive has its roots in a traditional Mediterranean diet, but it’s enjoyed worldwide these days. So National Olive Day is a great opportunity to find a way to incorporate some olives into your diet! Perhaps your local grocer has an olive bar, allowing you to select from the numerous varieties of olives. Or maybe you’ve received an olive at your local bar, as garnish for a martini. Olives have more nutritional benefits than you might think. They offer a host of healthy types of fats and fatty acids, while also providing a natural source of iron. And there are far more ways to prepare olives than you probably know. Olives are grown on trees, and they can be grown for serving as a table fruit or for producing oil. If you cook with olive oil, you can receive many of the same health benefits that eating olives provide, including the introduction of healthy fats. Grocers carry a wide variety of olive oils, so you have plenty of options for incorporating them into your recipes. National Olive Day is a great day to try eating some new varieties of olives. And it’s also a great day for learning the magic trick for getting pimento inside the green olive!

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