Cyclone Alex, first in a list of 21, will hit with widespread cold


Alex, the cyclone that will impact Spain today with widespread decline in temperatures, strong winds and swell, is the first in a list of 21 names of these phenomena prepared by European meteorological services, reports the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).


Alex will continue until the start of next week in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with intense wind and swell time accompanied by a widespread drop in strong, persistent and punctually stormy temperatures and precipitation.

Alex, it's the first cyclone in a list of 21

The list for the 2020-2021 season of cyclone names has been prepared by the Aemet, in collaboration with the so-called Southwest Group, also formed by the meteorological services of France (Méteo-France), Portugal (Portuguese Institute of the Sea and atmosphere-IPMA) and Belgium (Institut Royal Météorologique-IRM).

This announcement marks the beginning of the new cyclone naming season with great impact in the countries of southwestern Europe.

Aemet also debuts a new display format that combines, in a single image, information both of which cyclones have been named and, by means of a color code, the temporal evolution of the season.

The names have been circled counterclockwise to emulate the movement of the drunken ones in the northern hemisphere.

The Aemet explains that when one of them is named, the circle containing it will acquire the color of the month in which such an appointment occurred, thus integrating temporary information into the image.

Among other cyclone names for this season are Paula, Filomena, Hortense or Ignacio.

According to the Aemet, a cyclone or depression is a low pressure system that usually has associated strong or very strong winds, which will be more intense the lower the minimum pressure in the center of the low.

What are cyclones?

Cyclones are given a name that deepens in such a way "that they can have a great impact on goods and people, although they will not need to experience an explosive cyclogenesis process."

In addition, where conditions are expected to result in the issuance of wind warnings (in the case of Aemet, maximum streak) of orange or red level oriented in one of the four countries of the Southwest Group.