Grazing goats join fight to prevent wildfires


🖊ACCUWEATHER 📸Megan Manata

Farmers in California's Bay Area are using thousands of rescued goats to prevent wildfires. The animals eat dried vegetation in areas with extreme drought.

The hillsides in Hercules, California are a clear fire risk. For goats, this is a tasty buffet.

For Terri Oyarzun's crew, this is a tasty buffet. His family business provides four legged firefighters to help communities such as this one.

The family business has exploded. Goats R Us now has 10,000 animals out on jobs across the Bay Area. This herd is grazing on steep hills around Hercules middle and high school.

About 350 goats will eat about an acre a day of average vegetation.

Many of these animals are rescues, chowing down on grass, and reducing the amount of dried vegetation that can fuel fires.

Cal Fire officials say vegetation management is key to reducing the risk of fires. Goats can get the job done without herbicides or heavy equipment.

It's a win-win. It's win for the goats, and for the people that are using them. To prevent wildfires.

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