Guatemala's Pacaya Volcano Continues Erupting - Lava Flows


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Guatemala's Pacaya volcano, which started erupting the final week of March, kicked back into a high state of activity at the start of May with fears that a new lava flow could reach nearby communities.

Following a period of relative calm since the recent lava flows had stopped on or around 16 April, a new lava flow started again earlier today. A new eruptive fissure on the upper southwestern flank of the summit cone is currently feeding this lava flow that already has descended to the base of the cone.

It is well-alimented and seems to have a high flow rate, which gives it the potential to again reach considerable length and approach populated areas beyond the foot of the volcano, if it remains active long enough. However, it is too early to predict how this new eruptive episode will evolve.

At the Mackenney summit crater, the volcano continues to produce intense strombolian explosions associated with significant ash emissions.

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