Guatemala's Volcano of Fire erupts


Guatemala's Fuego Volcano has explosions accompanied by weak and moderate avalanche

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The Fuego volcano, located about 80 km southwest of Guatemala's capital, records eruptive activity by throwing lava and ash at nearby communities, the entity reported in charge of Civil Protection.

The colossus, 3,763 m high, has "explosions that are accompanied by weak and moderate avalanche", said in a statement the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred).

The note explains that lava avalanche is dispersed in the direction of the basins called Dry, Ash, Taniluya, Trinidad and Las Lajas.

"Avalanche of strong characteristics persists over the dry ravine (basins) and Ash, in its route some reach the limit of vegetation," he added.

The Volcanology Institute recommended, on its side, the Conred to keep monitoring of the evolution of the eruptive activity of the Fuego volcano.

Meanwhile, the other two active volcanoes in the Central American country, Pacaya (south) and Santiaguito (west) have decreased their activity after weeks of increases in their eruption phase, the Conred reported.

The three volcanoes have maintained an eruptive phase since the end of last year, although they had increased their activity on December 30 when civil protection announced that it maintained monitoring and communication with villagers.

However, so far there has been no need to evacuate people living on the slopes or near the three colossus.

On June 3, 2018, the Fire recorded a powerful eruption that caused an avalanche of gases, ash and burning rocks that swept through a community, leaving 202 dead and 229 missing.

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