How big is Puebla's mega hole?


The Big Hole has increased its size with the passage of time


In the last few hours a huge hole in the state of Puebla has managed to attract the attention of the population and media, this due to its surprising appearance, so we tell you the details around this incident, such as the causes that could originate it, diameter and depth of it.

According to reports released by authorities, the sinking of land began last weekend among the corn fields located in the community of Santa Maria Zacatepec, in the municipality of Juan C. Bonilla. According to the inhabitants, the hole was first about 5 meters, but then it grew.

The hole has increased its size to 80 meters in diameter and 20 meters deep approximately. Even the house near incident, which has been evicted, is already on the edge.

Civil Protection Mexico established that the formation of the hole was due to the presence of underground flows of water and low resistance of the subsoil.

The place has been declared a danger zone, so it is cordoned off. For their part, the authorities are still making the relevant routes to mitigate the risk to the population.

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