The canine under discussion is one of the most famous Belgian herding breeds that is better known for its elegant first impression and an upright muscular build. These dogs are smart and may be prompted into action almost immediately.

With an average weight of about 40 to 70 pounds, the Terv stands tall at minimum 21 and maximum 27 inches from the ground. It has a square-shaped body and a spiked muzzle which is aligned with the skull’s top line. Moreover, the Terv has eyes resembling the shape of an almond and are usually in dark-brown color. It has triangular-shaped, upright ears – a characteristic found in most watchdogs.

These dogs have a mane around their neck and hair tuffs around the eyes. The mask is usually back, but colors across the body may differ from fawn all the way to shades of mahogany. The tails, ears, and fur are generally nothing but pure black.

These dogs have an average life expectancy that spans from 10 to 12 years.

Generally speaking, the Terv is a loving, affectionate and loyal breed.

The Belgian Tervuren belongs to the herding breeds that originated in Belgium, hence the name. The term Tervuren has been borrowed from a village in Belgium where these dogs were discovered during the 1800s as an all-purpose dog.

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