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The Leonberger appears to be a lion at first look but it is a big bundle of joy under all that fur. The male weighs about 150 pounds and stands tall from the ground at 30 inches. While the female has an average weight of 140 pounds and a height of 27 inches maximum. This canine has an average life expectancy of 10 years.

Since the Leonberger is a mountain dog, it features a large, muscular body, which makes for quite the dramatic presence, like that of a lion. It has a black mask that always carries a stern and proud expression. Its head is adequately balanced, and the muzzle is long and broad. With medium-sized eyes and fleshy ears, the Leonberger has quite striking features.

It comes equipped with a water-resistant double coat that is covered in short hair on the muzzle and limbs. The undercoat is slightly dense to protect the dog against harsh weather and climatic conditions. You will find Leonberger in a range of colors, including brown, black, tan, white, and silver.

If socialized and trained well, Leonberger makes for the self-assured and submissive member of the family. You will find the dog to be quite playful and friendly with children as well as other animals.

The dog does not succumb to incessant barking when it comes across stranger or passerby owing to its shy and reserved nature. It remains watchful around family and friends, and it may also be used to guard property.

Overall, Leonberger is a smart, playful, and loyal canine that adapts to the environment without much difficulty. It can be socialized easily, without much trouble. However, early socialization is mandatory.

This breed was a brainchild of a 19th-century politician and entrepreneur from Leonberg, Germany. His name was Heinrich Essig. He wanted to create a dog breed that served as a majestic pet for the European royalty. He aimed to create a dog that would serve the king only.

This dog served as a loyal companion to Napoleon, Tsar Alexander, and Prince of Wales at that time.

Later, Leonberger was deployed as versatile working dogs to serve on farms, pastures, and waterfronts by farmers. These dogs can swim well. Cart pulling is a specialty in the bucket of things that they can easily do.

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