Meteor flashes in the sky above Melbourne


🖊 📸 Fernando Braga

Melbourne residents were treated to the sight of a meteor burning up in the sky last Sunday night.

Fernando Braga captured the display from his apartment near Southern Cross Station in the Docklands area.

There were also reported sightings of the meteorite across the city, Bentleigh East and Korumburra around 10.40pm.

"It was really bright," Mr. Braga told 3AW's Neil Mitchell.

RMIT physicist and senior lecturer Dr. Gail Iles said the meteor would have been travelling at "a few kilometers a second", though it wasn't technically exploding.

"This is likely a piece of rock... When it's in space it's a meteoroid, so there's lots and lots of pieces of rock out there, and they impact with all of the larger planetary bodies all the time," she explained.

"What has happened is this particular piece of rock has come into the Earth's atmosphere.

"You can see that it's traveling at a fair old speed. It's going to be traveling at a few kilometers a second.

"Because it's travelling so fast it's interacting with the particles in the atmosphere surrounding the Earth and it's created this large flash."

The Astronomical Society also said it was most likely a rock that has been orbiting the sun for millions of years and happened to get swept into the earths atmosphere last night and disintegrated in just two to three seconds.

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