Orangutans Make A Beautiful Friendship with The Otters At The Zoo While No One Is Around



The new friendship that no one can separate

Friendships between species are always adorable. This time an unusual friendship, between a family of orangutans and some otters, has captured the love.

The orangutans and the otters were seen for the first time when the workers of the Pairi Daiza Zoo put the otters in the river that is in the habitat of the orangutans, since then a special and almost magical bond was created.

The photographs speak for themselves. The orangutan family tends to play by hiding and searching in their habitat.

“Otters hide under big tree trunks or wooden buildings, then Berani, the baby orangutan, comes looking for them. Every now and then they come out to make fun of him. It’s really amazing to see, ” said Mathieu, a zoo keeper.

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