Plastic Fantastic! Schoolkids Build Own Classroom Out Of 3,000 Recycled Bottles



Pupils at St Mary’s RC Primary School in Accrington, Lancashire, turned two tons of recycled plastic into ‘eco bricks’ to build the environmentally friendly area.

The outdoor classroom includes a reading area, tables and chairs and a hut made entirely of plastic bottles stuffed with cellophane and plastic wrappers.

The kids used wooden spoons to mash cellophane and plastic wrappings into milk cartons and two-liter bottles they collected from parents, friends, and the community to make the bricks, which weigh 700g each.

Headteacher Michael Mashiter found out about the scheme through a Catholic charity which had helped to make similar bricks to build schools in Cambodia.

It aims to teach kids about the environment and reduce the amount of plastic entering the ocean.

The kids love being outdoors and now every class can have a full lesson out there.

They now have so many practical learning opportunities and can benefit from the fresh air.

It is thought as much as 12.7 million tons of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers every year.

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