Spanish Mastiff is a giant breed. It was bred as a livestock guardian dog to keep flocks away from wolves and all sorts of predators. It is quite like other dogs of this breed. It has a large head, and its expressions are quite vigilant and serious.

Spanish Mastiff has a long muzzle with a powerful jaw and well-developed lips. It has small eyes with watchful expressions and the triangular ears drop to the sides. This breed has a bushy long tail. The male stands 28 to 33 inches in height and weighs 50 to 70 kg. The female is smaller and measures around 26 inches in height and weighs 40 to 60 kg.

The coat of the Spanish Mastiff varies from fawn-colored and brindle to wolf and black-colored. Because of its large size, this breed makes excellent watchdogs.

The Spanish Mastiff is a dignified and intelligent breed. It is universally loving of its owner and is always protective. It remains aloof and wary of strangers at first encounter due to its protective instincts but when socialized well, the breed is quite accepting.

This breed tends to be aggressive toward other dogs. Hence, it is important to watch its behavior and not to leave it for long hours alone or with other dogs. It enjoys open spaces and remains most happy in extensive yards and stately homes as compared to apartments.

This breed is quite old. It was first seen on the Iberian Peninsula where it was brought by the Phoenicians and Greeks before Roman invasion. Virgil first mentioned this breed in his poem ‘The Georgics’ stating that the protective and nurturing nature of the Mastiff will make it the best guardian dog.

The role of this dog grew significantly in the 10th century as guiding farm dogs. Its popularity soared in the 12th century with the development of the new genre of sheep. These dogs spent winters in Spain and moved to the mountains in the north during summers as guardians of the livestock. These dogs were well known for their weather-resistant coat along with their independent and defensive nature.

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